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Recruiting Candidates

Recruiting Candidates

When we receive instructions that one of our corporate clients needs to fill a position, we don’t have to start search for a qualified candidate from scratch. After making sure we are completely familiar with your needs, we consult our database of fully-screened and highly-skilled candidates.

Since we store our resumes electronically, our recruiters are able to search our records using any keyword on a candidate’s resume. There are literally hundreds of fields in the database to choose from, and a single query will bring back resumes from candidates with the right combination of skills, education, and experience to meet your specific needs.


We maintain a database of fully screened and highly skilled candidates. Because we store our resumes electronically, our recruiters are able to search any key words on a candidate's resume. 

With hundreds of fields to choose from, a single query will find the candidate with the right combination of skills and experience required to meet your criteria.

Our Process

  • Telephone interview

Our initial contact with a prospective candidate is over the phone. We ask questions about their skill and experience levels and take this opportunity to assess their personality. This initial evaluation is an important part of determining their potential as a candidate.

  •  Target search questionnaire

If we feel comfortable with the candidate after the telephone interview we ask them to complete an interview tool called the Target Search Questionnaire. This document provides us with further insight into the candidate and helps us gauge their level of interest in the opportunity. This questionnaire can be customized to suit our client’s specific requirements.

  • Face-to-face interview

After we review the completed questionnaire  and if we  are interested in taking the recruiting process to the next level, we will invite them to our office for a face-to-face interview. During the personal meeting, we will ask questions about the type of position the candidate would like to obtain, the career path they would like to follow, the type of company where they would do their best work, and collect detailed information about their previous work experience and skills.

  • Evaluating skills

    Evaluating a candidate’s “hard” and “soft” skills is a critical part of our rigorous screening process. All candidates are interviewed for behavioural evaluation purposes. They also answer a series of targeted search interview questions. We can conduct additional evaluations and testing, on request.
  • Checking references

    We will be pleased to conduct employ-related reference checks prior to placement of a candidate. Our reference check will confirm any or all of the following information, as requested by a client:
    • Confirm dates of employment, responsibilities, salary, reason for leaving
    • Skills and competencies
    • Punctuality and attendance
    • Personal suitability (reliability, ability to learn, attitude, ability to follow instructions, ability to set and meet deadlines)
    • Key strengths
    • Areas requiring improvement
    • Leadership experience and methodology
    • Interest in rehiring


Career Search
success stories
  • Doug Campbell

    “Director Human Resources at McNairn Packaging”

    In the 11 years that I have worked with Stuart he has consistently provided the best service and best advice. He has deep connections with the people he works with and it makes a big difference in the...

  • Ronald Bedard, MBA

    “President & CEO SCT Oilfield”

    Jim is a consummate professional. The passion and tenacity that Jim brings to his job are unparalleled in the industry. Jim brings fantastic results for both the client and the placement. I strongly r...

  • Joanne Modafferi

    “Director, Human Resources at Quadra Chemicals Ltd”

    Stuart is a true recruiting professional who takes the time to understand the details of mandate and the company culture. He takes the time to follow up and keeps you up to date at all times. He is th...

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