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At Symmetry Services, we succeed because we believe in deeper connections. We have a thorough process to understand a person more. Through a personalized approach, we take the time to get to know the candidate, understanding their interests and skills. These highly-skilled and screened candidates are put into an online database so when a position needs to be filled, we never have to start from scratch. We use direct recruitment and referrals to find high quality candidates.

We start with a simple phone call

Candidates fill out a target search questionnaire

We meet with them one-on-one & evaluate their hard and soft skills

We conduct thorough employment checks



Our experience has proven that a thorough understanding of your corporate culture helps us find the best candidates. In the initial consultation we will define the vital aspects of your opportunity and gain insight into the culture of your organization. We understand that you are looking for an individual who will be an integral part of your team.

We prepare a candidate profile which includes the key qualifications, experience, skills and personality traits required. We go beyond technical skills and probe into personality traits, interpersonal skills and attitude because finding the right “fit” includes these soft skills as well.